How do I set up my e-mail in Outlook Express?

Use the following information for configuring your e-mailaddress at Micrsoft Outlook Express.

Your e-mail address: your-e-mail-address
User name: your-e-mail-address
Password: your-password
Incoming mail server: imap.yourdomain.tld
Webmail: webmail.yourdomain.tld
Protocol: IMAP

You need this information. Where 'your-e-mail-address' and 'your-password' is stated throughout this manual, you should replace this with the information you have created earlier.

  1. Start Outlook Express
  2. If 'Internet Connection Wizard' now appears on your screen: skip the following step.
  3. Successively click on: menu 'Extra', 'Accounts', tab 'Everything', 'Add', 'E-mail..',
  4. Enter your name under 'Provide your name'. (If you are sending e-mail, this will be the name that will appear as the sender on your e-mail.)
  5. Click on 'next'
  6. Enter your e-mail address under 'E-mail address'. (In this example: your-e-mail-address)
  7. Click on 'next'
  8. For 'The server type for incoming e-mail is: 'select 'IMAP'
  9. Under 'Server for incoming e-mail' enter: 'imap.yourdomain.tld'.
  10. Under 'Server for outgoing e-mail' enter: 'smtp.yourdomain.tld'
  11. Click on 'next'
  12. Under 'Account name' enter your user name. (In this example: your-e-mail-address)
  13. Under 'Password' enter your password. (In this example: your-password)
  14. Successively click on 'next', 'finish', 'close'.

Common problems:

  • It might not be possible to retrieve your e-mail because your domain is not yet fully active or has not yet been transferred.
If you can't get out, please get in touch with our support.

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