How do I set up my mailbox on an iPhone?

You received from us by e-mail:

(Mail)server: imap.yourdomain.tld
(Mail)username: name@domainname.tld
(Mail)password: your password
email address: mail@domainname.tld

You need this data for setting up your iPhone mailbox. Every time when we use 'mail.domainname.tld', 'name@domainname.tld', 'your password' and 'mail@domainname.tld' in this manual, you need to replace this for the data that you have received from us.

  1. Choose 'Settings' in your iPhone main menu'
  2. Select: 'Mail, Contacts, Agenda'
  3. Choose 'Add account...
  4. Choose voor 'Else'
  5. Choose 'Add mail account'
  6. Next, you need to enter data below based on your own data:
    • Name: First name Surname
    • Adres: name@domainname.tld
    • Password: your password
    • Description: Your mailbox name, eg. 'Business Mailbox'
  7. Then choose the option IMAP (selected by default) or POP.
  8. Enter your account information:
    Server incoming mail:
    • Hostname 'imap.yourdomain.tld'
    • User name 'name@domainname.tld'
    • Password: your password
    Server outgoing mail:
    • Hostname: 'smtp.yourdomain.tld'
    • User name: name@domainname.tld
    • Password: your password
    Your e-mail is now configured for with your iPhone.

Common problems:

  • It is possible that your e-mail can not be retrieved, because your domain is not fully activated or moved yet. 
  • (*) = .tld is the Top Level Domain, e.g.: .com, .nl or .net
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